About Us

Greetings we are a group of old skaters (most of us are 45+) who are working to
refurbish a skate spot from our childhood in Southern California, at the back of
Knapp Ranch Park, located at 25000 Kittridge St. West Hills, Los Angeles, CA
91307. In its heyday, you could find it full of skaters, both amateur and pro, but it
has been neglected over the years and is in need of repair. Our goal is to restore
the Knapp Park Ditch for the next generation of skaters.
We spent a couple of weekends between 2018 - 2020 working to repair some of
the concrete and clean out weeds and shrub overgrowth. We are looking to
move to phase two of the refurbishment. Sadly because of Covid 19 we
had to stop all progress on the ditch for this last year. But for the rest of 2021 we
are planning to pick up where we left off and finish this project before years end.
Since a lot of materials have gone way up in price we are selling hats, stickers,
T-shirts, hoodies,skateboard decks, grip tape, back packs, gear bags and other
accessories at www.KnappParkDitch.com to try and off set these costs.
Go on and check out the site, its just been revamped with a whole new line of
stuff. If you see something you like and wanna help support our project go
ahead and sign up with your e-mail and get 15% off just for signing up.
Thank you and stay safe.
Knapp Park Ditch
Brandon Schweitzer
(727) 269-4348